Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Touch of Winter

Tonight i tasted winter
she was sweet
and crisp
tempting me
with the promise
of coo, dark, sleep
and reflection
Through the sky
she danced
with fluid motion
tossing leaves
and caution to the wind
Oh, that Winter,
she can be a wicked
throwing tantrums
and wreaking havoc
blanketing the world
in white
In her mischief
lives an inherent wisdom
She tells us
calmly and firm
"Slow down,
"Get cozy,
"Hunker down
get your mind straight,

Friday, December 16, 2011

Post Oak

One thing I do love about living here are the amazing Post Oaks. My favorite time to appreciate them is after they lost their leaves. The branches are so sturdy and gnarled I am always sure that if I listen closely enough they will have a story to tell me. When I am lucky enough to pay attention and catch a view of the dark branches twisted against the glowing sunset, I feel like I have been given a secret gift.

So, if you will be so kind, raise your glass and share a toast with me," To the Post Oak, the Keystone species of the Cross Timbers ecosystem of North Texas, thank you for adding beauty to my life."