Saturday, October 23, 2010

Feeling Fall

Fall is in full swing here in Texas complete with falling leaves of many colors, cooler mornings and nights, and the decor of Halloween gracing homes and public spaces.

It's true that I love fall. In the past I often found myself visiting western North Carolina around this time of year. Although I am not htere and won't be able to make the journey this time around, I can clearly see the South Toe Valley in all of it's Autumn glory clearly imprinted in my long term memory. As I sit here in NE Texas, I can dial up my favorite fall scene of crossing the Seven Mile Ridge Rd bridge over the South Toe River, trees a myriad of colors with leaves blowing gently on a breeze and landing on the rushing water to be swept away.

Unfortunately I can find a good picture to post of it right now, but I will keep looking.

As for being here in Texas, life is settling into a routine. Of course it's as fluid as that river I love and can change easily. For instance, today I was set to be at a Harvest Festival all day selling my wares and celebrating fall with life music and fun activities. However, the rain came in strong with gusty wind and tornado warnings. Given that I packed it up and headed home. It was ok, although I was looking forward to the event, I was just as glad to spend the time with my family at home.

I'm finding my way here. I'm appreciating that life is an adventure and that gifts and truth are often hidden in the most unexpected places.

a little snake we found in the backyard

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Riley's cake

This week I had the chance to share in bringing a big smile to a young girl's face.

My friends Lisa and Doug made the cake and the buttercream icing in the morning. Then later on in the afternoon I showed up with Ian for fun and frosting. Ian and Riley played furiously while Will rotated between Curious George and chasing the others.

Lisa and I mixed the colors into the icing and shared in the decorating process. Riley came by and added her touches too and she was so excited.
Here's Lisa spreading on the strawberry buttercream we mixed up for the center layer.

I wasn't able to be at her party, but I was lucky enough to get a piece brought over for me. They did a great job on the strawberry cake. A delicious treat.

Monday, October 4, 2010


here, ian is participating in a nature class about butterflies and moths

So we've been here now for a bit and I finally feel as if I am beginning to be here. Ian and I have been schooling for a number of weeks now and he's is really rockin' it. He's also been playing basbeall with th elocal league and that has been a wonderful outlet for him to socialize with other kids and get some much needed activity. Plus the fact that he loves it and it having a blast is really what matters. During this season hitting has been harder for him but he has made some great plays in the outfield., In the last game he was responsible for getting two outs while playing left field.

here he is taking his turn as catcher, he's getter better at stopping the ball and the throw is really improving

As for me, I've just been keeping busy making new beaded flowers and items for the upcoming holiday market season. I think I'm looking at about 4 or 5 markets so that's plenty to keep me busy. Check out some of my newest works at

And in the interest of being here, last weekend we took a drive to the Dallas arboretum where they display over 40, 000 pumkins and gourds for the fall season. Oh my I have never seen so many cucurbits in one place at one time. I especially loved the landscape paintings they made using different kinds of pumpkins such as the "water fountain" you can see below in the yard of one of the pumpkin houses.