Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 13, Portland, Corvalis and camping near Mary's Peak

Morning in Portland started with a homemade breakfast and fresh roasted coffee provided by Tony.

Then we picked up Meadow's neice and headed down to Corvalis. Jim spent a year living in Corvalis while in college. He wanted to take a trip down memory lane and bring Ian and me along.

I thought it was so cool that the concrete trash cans have planters with plants growing in them.

cool sculpture along the river

the kids play in the fountain, a great way to cool down

we all took a walk down to the Williamette River and skipped stones

gotta love that Oregon grape, good to use in place of goldenseal, packed with burberine

the sequoia on the OSU campus that Jim used to climb as an undergrad

I was amazed to see these huge rhododendron flowers bloomingand smelling sweet

here's Jim showing us the place he spent a summer living near Mary's Peak, so beautiful

I'd never seen such awesome wild foxglove, back east I have only seen it cultivated

setting up camp

cooking up a hot dog, camp style

After we enjoed downtown Corvalis, we headed out to Mary's Peak so that Jim could share one of his favorite places with us. It was so great to have Tony and Meadow along to share in a campout. Tony built a nice campfire and we cooked out hot dogs and had fresh salad greens. Afterward we sat around the fire talking and telling stories for the kids and just enjoying the sound of the creek, the birds and the wind through the trees.

Day 12, Bend to Portland

The happy couple on the day after.

Mt. Hood
So, the day after the wedding it was time to get moving on. We packed up the blazer and headed over to Portland, OR. We had plans to visit with our friend Tony whom we've known since our AMS days. We arrived later than planned, which is always the way, andhad dinner at a restaurant called Farm. It was pretty good food although unfortunately the service was a little lacking. Initially we had tried to eat at a placed called the Noble Rot which had been reccomended as a place serving fermented and live foods. However, the info was incorrect and it was more of a wine and high end food place.

coming soon

Day 11, wedding day

Well, the day of the wedding finally arrived. After organizing lodging, dinners, a hike, a float trip, etc, I think both Anna and Michael were ready for all of the events to be over.

Michael came over early to pick up a truckload of stuff and take care of last minute business like fixing this sign.

Anna hid in the bedroom with her mom and sister while he was in the house. She just wanted to take it slow and easy.

Stacy arrived with the dress and we were all excited to finally see it in person.

I ended up not only making all fo the beaded flowers but also cutiing and arranging the flowers for all fo the tables. Luckily she has a lush and colorful garden.

Arriving at Aspen hall, the site of the wedding reception.

A pensive Anna takes in the place where the ceremony will take place in a just a few hours.

The family powows about the hall and set up making sure all is right.

I'm working on the table arrangements.

These nests were used for the rings as well as by the flower girls.

The flowers in her hair.

First dress viewing for all of us, excpet for her.

Pinning the boutineer.

the bouquet.

father and daughter

my dogwood headband

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Waugh

me and my boy

the Waughs drink to Frank's toast

Jay toasts the couple

a boy and his dad and a fishing pole

my boy breaks it down on the dancefloor

Day 10, Rehearsal dinner and girls' night

Saturday was a beautiful day in Bend. We started off the day by all (about 50 of us) gathering up at the Deschutes river with various and assundry flotation devices. Then enterred the awesome cold water and began a 2 hour float trip. So relaxing to just chill in the sunshine and feel the cool water whenever I wanted to.

After the float we went downtown and got some lunch at the Bend Brewing Company. The food was ok and the beer was tasty. I especially love the seasonal German Heifeweizen they had available.

Back at the house friends played together and talked about how much fun they had at the river.

Later we gathered for the rehaersal dinner which mostly included just hanging out and having a good time. There wasn't much rehearsal going on...simply a short discussion.

Anna wore one of my haircombs this night, a multicolored lotus style flower.
Bride and groom to be sharing a moment in the backyard full of folks.

After the dinner was over girls night started up and we had a greta time talking about Anna, writing down a recipe for a good marriage and generally laughing a lot.

Day 9, Tumalo Mtn. hike

Mt. Bachelor

snowball fight on Tumalo Mtn.

two of the Three Sisters and Broken Top Mountain

the hike was hard on Ian but he loved the view from the top