Wednesday, May 26, 2010

a texas breeze and bees in trees

Well, it's been a little longer than usual since my last posting due to travels and preparing for moving. Last week I was in Texas searching out a new place for my family to live after we move there in July. It was way more challenging to find a suitable house than I realized it would be. Apparently the demand from students and the limited number of places available really makes for a competitive market.

I was totally blown away and it took us a few days to really understand the town and it's dynamics. Comparatively here in GA we rent a great three bedroom house on about 1/2 acre with trees, garden space and a nice big yard for $775/mo. In Denton, a moderate three bedroom with small fenced yard and close neighbors goes for about $1200/mo. Big difference! So it was a shock to get comfortable with that.

However, I'm looking forward to our new adventure that will be starting up very soon. Denton seems like a great place with a neat town square built around an old awesome courthouse where you can hear live music every Thursday night during the summer. There are lots of public parks with facilities like a disc golf course and water park.

Today we had one of the coolest homeschool lessons ever. Early this morning while I was fixing breakfast Ian came running into the kitchen and said, "What is there an invisible bee army outside my room that's making a big buzz?" So I answered, "Of course not you silly." A short while later I had to get something out my car and so I went outside and was greeted with a very loud buzzing sound.

I looked out into the yard and there in the branches of the silver maple were tons of bees in frenzied flight. I called Ian out and told him that there was indeed a bee army right outside and the reason was because the hive here had split and was swarming.

After a while the bees settled in to this tight glob protecting the queen while the scouts found them a new home. This evening when I went out to check on the swarm, it was gone. I guess the scouts picked out somewhere good and they went off to make it home. I wish I knew where there went simply so we could follow the rest of the process.

Nature is so awesome!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

journeys continue

Well, as always life is moving swiftly onward, here is an image of our baby robins on their way to fledgling.

So, today our journey in Athens takes a huge step. Jim officially graduated from UGA receiving his PhD in Anthropology. For a moment a few months back he contemplated the idea of not walking the stage, but his opinion was quickly overthrown by my own and his mother's. At least for me, being present to see him walk that stage in all the wizardlike regalia was not only a testament to all of the hard work he has put in, but to my own as well.

Here we are in front of the stage: Jeanne, Me, Ian, Jim and Benny. The graduation was followed by a rockin party later in the day complete with BBQ, Beer and live music by local musician Nathan Sheppard.

Monday, May 3, 2010

wandering the greenpath

I returned home this evening from a deep place. My family and I attended a gathering in western NC focused on the green path. What is the green path you're wondering? Well, it's a lot of different things rolled into one. For me it means learning to exist in harmony with our sacred mother earth as well as her other inhabitants, and being in tune with the plants surrounding us that help give us food and medicine, clothing and shelter, appreciating that the water we have to nourish our bodies is a gift that we as humans cannot live without, knowing that many if not all of my actions do have an impact on someone else somewhere whether directly or indirectly, allowing myself to breathe deep and feel connected to the essence of life that exists in every living being.

Sharing space in the woods with other like minded individuals, hiking with my boys, cooking for others, weaving a bittersweet basket, washing my face in the cool mountain stream, hearing the rain falling on the tent, eating wild foods and fresh picked greens, sharing stories about old friends, re-connecting, just taking the time to slow down and be, made for an exhilerating experience. I feel rejuvenated and grounded and back in touch with my inner self. Ah, springtime in Appalachia always makes me feel whole.

i could hear the trees,

branches swaying,

and the chill breeze blew me backwards into birdsong,

clear and loud,

the land heaved a deep breath and the mayapple danced,

my spirit resounded with joy