Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Earthscouts and Alpacas

A few weeks ago our Earthscouts group went to visit Crooked Pine Hollow Alpaca Farm. The Farm is located in Winterville, GA and is run by Nancy and Ricky Miller.

They have a breeding herd, fleece animals, a rescue herd, and a few bordering aplacas.

Above is one of the breeding herd members pregnant
and expecting this fall.

These three on the right are in the rescue herd. They were emaciated when they came to Crooked Hollow but now seem to be getting better with the all of the love they are receiving.

Our Earthscouts went to Crooked Pine to learn about Economic Justice and to support a local business and member of our extended community.

We talked about how Nancy and Ricky earn a living by taking care of, raising, breeding and selling products from Aplaca fur, which is soft, warm and beautiful. we also used alpaca fleece to create felted squares that we will stitch our earned badges onto.
One fun fact we learned is that Aplacas are considered to be "green" animals becasue their poop doesn't smell and is extremely beneficial as a compost and soil additive.

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