Saturday, September 3, 2011

September in Texas

Truth be told, I have not been very good about keeping up here lately. I thought that this summer in North Carolina would have me bursting with exciting things to share and it was. The problem in keeping up with my weekly posts was that I was so very busy and having such a blast that I didn't take time out to tell you all about it.

Here's a quick synopsis.

I headed out from Texas at the end of May. After a week on the lake at my in-laws' house, we headed east to NC as a fivesome (Ian, Jim, out two dogs and I). In the beginning I posted. I shared photos and poems and the loss of sweet Little Deer.

Then life got busy. We moved from our old acquaintances cabin to the home of a new one. The neighbors had a grandson close to Ian's age visiting and they got along like old friends. we barely saw him for that week.

Around that time I started working more shifts at the Knife and Fork. This is a great little jewel of a restaurant in Speuce Pine, NC. Chef Nate Allen and his wife Wendy Gardner, pull out all the stops offering fresh local seasonal foods and wonderful service. If you're in that area please check them out ( . I had such a wonderful time being a part of their team during this summer and I look forward to next time.

I Also got to spend so much quality with my dear friends, Nicole, Gaelan and Marcie. I have known Marcie since my first year in college at ASU and Nicole and Gaelan since I first moved to teh South Toe Valley. As I've gotten older, I've realized that having friends like them is really a special treat. It seems to get harder all the time to make those deep connections that I know will last the rest of my life.

My son went away to camp for the first time, and let me just tell you he did it big time, 3 whole weeks. It was the longest three weeks I have experienced since he was conceived. In fact the first time I saw him from a distance I cried for the following 20 minute drive to work. At that point it had been about 8 days. I finally got used to him being away and did enjoy the time to myself as well the chance to have alone time with my sweetie. We had a blast hanging around in the mountains together laughing, reading poems, walking in the woods and spending time together.

Then before I could blink it was over and we were on our way back to Texas. Now, here we are settled in after a few weeks and remembering how to be who we are in an environment we have a hard time connecting to. Anyway, the snow on the prarie is blooming, the warm winds are blowing, homeschool co-op is going and UNT is in full swing. Life is always moving forward and it is up to us to hold on tight and enoy the ride.

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