Monday, December 7, 2009

Getting ready for the holiday markets this past weekend. I soent many hours emersed in tiny Czech glass beads and wire. I loved it, staying up way too late, looking at all of the colors, imagining how they would all look when finished.

here's my work table as I begin to gather various items together.

my clips in drying mode

flowers and butterflies flow forth, bright vibrant colors, warm, inviting. I took part in two markets this weekend. Friday night at the Railroad Arts District and that was a total blast. Music, fires and a lot of folks. Of course at the end of the night I ran over a hidden railroad tie and blew a tire, exactly the kind of thing that would happen to me. I was glad that my mom was there and sne dout a big thanks to Will and Dan who changed the tire for me. Hoestly, I could have done it myslef, but since they offered...
Then on Saturday and Sunday I wa in the Athens Indie Craftstravaganza. It was downtown in and we had toms of folks on Saturday and yesterday was busy too. There were a lot of crafters there peddling their wares. Little man had a great time and is working on honing his bartering skills when seeing something he wants. I have now repeatedly heard him using the phrase, "My mom makes jewelery, would be interested in a trade?"

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