Friday, April 9, 2010

green grows the sringtime

Hole in the Yard by:Ian Veteto

There is a hole in the yard.
There is a hole in the yard.
What do you think lives in the hole in the yard?
A snake?
Or a bunch of worms?
Or is it just a hole in the yard?

Oh I love the glow of greens growing in the springtime, and the taste of them too. We harvested our first greens this week including kale, mustards, spinach and radishes as well as some lettuce. They were all so very delicious.

We have so much packed in there since I direct seeded that we can eat what I thin out and I have plenty of already growing beauties to create a whole other bed of greens:) The bounty of the plant world is pretty much never ending.

It will still be a while before they are ready to harvest but our little English peas are slowly making their way towards the trellis so they can climb, climb, climb.

Just a pic of some busy bees loving the spring days. This is a hive that the folks we rent from thought was on its way out a while back and then realized that it was still thriving. So, here you can see these honey bees made it through the winter and are seemingly doing very well. Ian and I watch them going about their business pretty much everyday. There is still hope for the bees, hooray! This hive is untreated, unattended by human hands, and doing great!

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