Monday, May 3, 2010

wandering the greenpath

I returned home this evening from a deep place. My family and I attended a gathering in western NC focused on the green path. What is the green path you're wondering? Well, it's a lot of different things rolled into one. For me it means learning to exist in harmony with our sacred mother earth as well as her other inhabitants, and being in tune with the plants surrounding us that help give us food and medicine, clothing and shelter, appreciating that the water we have to nourish our bodies is a gift that we as humans cannot live without, knowing that many if not all of my actions do have an impact on someone else somewhere whether directly or indirectly, allowing myself to breathe deep and feel connected to the essence of life that exists in every living being.

Sharing space in the woods with other like minded individuals, hiking with my boys, cooking for others, weaving a bittersweet basket, washing my face in the cool mountain stream, hearing the rain falling on the tent, eating wild foods and fresh picked greens, sharing stories about old friends, re-connecting, just taking the time to slow down and be, made for an exhilerating experience. I feel rejuvenated and grounded and back in touch with my inner self. Ah, springtime in Appalachia always makes me feel whole.

i could hear the trees,

branches swaying,

and the chill breeze blew me backwards into birdsong,

clear and loud,

the land heaved a deep breath and the mayapple danced,

my spirit resounded with joy

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