Wednesday, May 26, 2010

a texas breeze and bees in trees

Well, it's been a little longer than usual since my last posting due to travels and preparing for moving. Last week I was in Texas searching out a new place for my family to live after we move there in July. It was way more challenging to find a suitable house than I realized it would be. Apparently the demand from students and the limited number of places available really makes for a competitive market.

I was totally blown away and it took us a few days to really understand the town and it's dynamics. Comparatively here in GA we rent a great three bedroom house on about 1/2 acre with trees, garden space and a nice big yard for $775/mo. In Denton, a moderate three bedroom with small fenced yard and close neighbors goes for about $1200/mo. Big difference! So it was a shock to get comfortable with that.

However, I'm looking forward to our new adventure that will be starting up very soon. Denton seems like a great place with a neat town square built around an old awesome courthouse where you can hear live music every Thursday night during the summer. There are lots of public parks with facilities like a disc golf course and water park.

Today we had one of the coolest homeschool lessons ever. Early this morning while I was fixing breakfast Ian came running into the kitchen and said, "What is there an invisible bee army outside my room that's making a big buzz?" So I answered, "Of course not you silly." A short while later I had to get something out my car and so I went outside and was greeted with a very loud buzzing sound.

I looked out into the yard and there in the branches of the silver maple were tons of bees in frenzied flight. I called Ian out and told him that there was indeed a bee army right outside and the reason was because the hive here had split and was swarming.

After a while the bees settled in to this tight glob protecting the queen while the scouts found them a new home. This evening when I went out to check on the swarm, it was gone. I guess the scouts picked out somewhere good and they went off to make it home. I wish I knew where there went simply so we could follow the rest of the process.

Nature is so awesome!

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  1. oh, cool! I bet the sound was beautiful~
    I hope you found a suitable home...we are still looking for something we can afford that isn't in the ghetto. I think HS may be more like Texas...