Sunday, December 12, 2010

What's up with drivers?

Recently I have added a lot of driving into my life. It's to be expected with my son working on a movie being shot in Dallas which is 40 miles away. He's loving being a part of the film and I feel good about that.

Unfortunately all of this driving has done nothing to quell the irritation I already felt about people who drive with reckless abandon. I just don't understand their thought process or rather lack of thought process.

For me, driving my car on the interstate is probably the most dangerous thing I do in my daily life. It's the one activity where one wrong move could end in the untimely death of both my child and myself as well any other motorist.

I do not think it's unreasonable to ask others to recognize the true facts that come with being a driver/commuter. To me the main factor with is driving is that once you enter onto the roadway your actions cannot be considered autonomous anymore. You are now part of a pack as it were. What you do in your vehicle no longer is just of concern to you, your actions can ultimately affect my life and that of others.

So as I maneuver through the aggressive tailgating drivers, the young texting drivers, the "I think I'm a racecar driver weave in and out to cross the finish line" drivers, the "don't you know that HOV means 'drive as fast as you want' lane" drivers, I often find myself bracing for the worst.

Now, I am by no means a perfect driver, and I realize that from time to time we all lose focus for a moment. We may unintentionally hit the gas a little hard, change lanes and not see the car in the blind spot, or just have a brain freeze. But I can't help wish more people would drive safely.

Luckily for me, folks here don't seem to favor the HOV lane (a huge truck for each Texan?) and so I can often cruise on down without too much trouble.

Well, I'm off again to brave the storm of the interstate...peace be with you as you cruise this holiday season and good driving to y'all.

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