Monday, January 23, 2012

Almond Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Last night I whipped up a new version of chocolate chip cookies. For about a year now I have been referencing when I wanted a new tasty recipe. I've been sticking with her variations on chocolate chip cookies. I have occasionally changed it up but these changes I made last night are absolutely scrumptious. I think all of my Metals I classmates would agree seeing as how there were none left at the end of class.

If you're looking for something yummy give these a try.

4c blanched almond flour, packed
1/4t + 1/8t sea salt
1/4t + 1/8t baking soda
15T coconut oil, melted (approximately 3/4c)
1T vanilla extract
2t almond extract
3/4c brown rice syrup
1-1/2c chocolate chunks (I used Enjoy Life brand, use what you like)

Pre-heat oven to 350
*In a bowl mix all the dry ingredients together
*In another bowl or large glass measuring cup mix wet ingredients and whisk until blended
*Pour wet into dry and add the chocolate chunks (chips, whatever) and mix until liquid is absorbed
*Drop by the tablespoonful on parchment lined baking sheets and gently press flat
*Bake 9 minutes
Remove parchment from baking sheet and allow to cool

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