Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall hikes

Yesterday we went to the Botanical Garden here in Athens, it's one of our favorite places to hike here. It was a lovely cool fall day. The breeze was blowing and the trees were swaying. We decided to hit the white trail. The white trail is long and beautiful and winding and goes through many differnet types of forested areas crossing close to creekbeds, along the river and into the woods.

We enjoyed a role playing adventure for the whole family escaping an oncoming attack of soldiers who were hot on our trail and barely ducking into the woods with just enough time to escape the clutches of a vile red dragon flying at our heels and blowing it's fire behind us.
Along the way we talked about the plants around us, admired the trees growing tall, and shared praise for the beauty surrounding us.

At one point far in the woods we found a lot of patches of wild ginger growing. Always looking for teaching opportunities in our daily lives, J took the chance to show I about this amazing herbal. They gently dug one up to get a look at the root. we were able to see the places where flower buds had formed and we all got the chance to taste this very special member of the plant kingdom.

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