Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall is here

Back in Georgia, the fall is settling in. I've noticed the leaves starting to change and the cooler air has invaded. The family and I spent Sunday at Whippoorwhill Hollow Farms participating in the Atlanta Slow Food Field of Greens event. It was a great event to raise money for the farmers who were affected by the recent flooding. My boy had a blast playing with the sons of another vendor. They made themselves at home and spent the day between chasing chickens, bouncing on the bounce house, and just running around having a good ole time.

I was so thankful my good friend A- was persistent in encouraging me to go to the event and set up. She is always so supportive of my craft and willing to offer her help in whatever ways she can.

Driving home I could see the pink sky behind me.
My boy barely able to keep his eyes open.
The exhaustion of fitful sleep and an all day event creeping in.
Onward I drive, keeping a steady speed, drinking my fresh brewed herbal tea.
As I pull into the drive, night descending, rain drops gently splash on my face.
Relief washes over me with the thought of vegetable bean soup in the fridge.
I covet a warm shower, soft pajamas, a cozy bed.
A lazy smile breaks free, I know it's coming soon.

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