Monday, January 18, 2010


Six year old snuggles are simply a great way to start the day!

Every year that goes by we age. What age does to us is similar for all; we grow taller, longer, wider, etc... our mental abilities increase (hopefully) we learn how to relate better to others (possibly) and we gain more knowledge about ourselves. This I guess is more refelctive of an adult growing older.

When a child grows older their changes are impossible to miss. My boy turned 6 this month and it seems to me that these past 6 years, ok 7 including pregnancy have simply flown by so quickly. At least at first without retrospection that's how it seems. However when I really take the time to think on the flight of time, I relaize how very many experiences I have had the opportunity to share with him. each one comprising varying amounts of time from a few seconds, to a few hours, to the entire 6 years since birth.


Each experience for a child is still new to them. I take for granted the skills I have learned and known now for most of life. Simple tasks like tying my shoe laces and enjoyable tasks like reading are all second nature to me and yet for my boy, he is just embarking on those.

For his birthday Ian requested an Incredible Hulk theme. However as hard as Jeanne and I tried we could not find one piece of Incredible Hulk anything for decorating a party, no plates, napkins, cups, hats, stickers, or even a coloring a book.

So I thought I might as well do my best to capture the essence of the Hulk onto a cake.

A year or so ago I started noticing these "cupcakes" in the grocery store. essentially they were cupcakes that had been set out into a pattern and then iced to look like a full cake. I'd been dying to try it and so I was excited to have my chance at it.
I asked Ian what he thought about that idea and he smiled his bright smile at me and said, "Can he still have big arm muscles?" When I assured him that Hulk could still have his arm muscles he was all for it.

So, here you have it: The Incredible Hulk in cupcakes complete with the requested arm muscles and all.
I made these cupcakes with a modified chocolate cake recipe and I used my favorite once a year (well maybe twice) icing recipe that came from Stick Boy Bakery in Boone, NC. Funny, vegan cupcakes with buttercream icing priceless.

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