Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sunrise on the beach

Just wanted to share a writing exercise here allwoing my thoughts to wander to memories and try to describe them. I plan on sharing other writings, stories, poetry, memories and works of fiction. I hope you enjoy.

"I walked quietly along the shoreline listening to the sound of the waves lapping against retreating sand. I could hear the seagulls from above as they prepared to land a little further up the beach. The water gently washed over my toes as my feet sank and I could feel the grit left behind. I reached my hands into the cool morning water that had not yet been heated by the sun which was only just rising over the the horizon. I could tell the sun would be strong today, not a cloud in the sky, at least not yet. It was still early. The rain wouldn’t come until later. I looked out into the vast ocean spread before me and could see the large tankers and cargo carriers awaiting their turn to enter the port. Port Everglades that is.

As I contemplated the strangeness of working third shift at Primanti Brothers, I was glad the morning had come and I was done. Even though I had come in as a customer before during the late night/early morning hours, I didn’t realize how many people liked to eat pizza at 2 in the morning. It had been fun and strange to serve them hot NY style slices made fresh and dripping with the grease of really delicious mozzarella. The smell clung to me, and the grease. I had a ride coming to get me but not for a while still and so I had some time to just enjoy the solitude and quiet of early morning on Fort Lauderdale Beach.

Slowly I spread a towel out before me and stood gazing into the never ending water stretched out before me. I breathed deeply a few times. I reflected briefly on how much I loved the true nature of this place. The sun, the sand, the sound of the waves, the sea birds, the breeze, the salty smell were a part of me. I began a sun salutation and went into an hour long series of yoga poses I had learned in college. I meditated on the towel allowing it to form to the changing shape of the dry sand below me. When I was done I walked to the water and plunged in to the small waves allowing the salty sea to take me in her arms. I felt refreshed and awake and alive and I let my floating body drift with the current back to the shore. I was cleansed. The pizza smell and grease officially removed from my body, my hair and my mind. I knew the day would be a good one.

That was the only time I worked third shift. In fact, I had given my notice and was preparing to leave this place and never look back. Even though I felt so whole right then, standing on the beach in the early morning, I knew this place was no longer my home."

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