Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 15, Newport to Cape Perpetua, Sea Lion caves and the Dunes

We woke to a cool and grey morning in Newport. Truth be told, I thought it was quite lovely and refreshing. After packing up the car we decided to head back into the historic bay area and eat the famous Mo's clam chowder. Apparently Mo's is a well known establishment there and the original owner, Mo, was quite the salty lady.

In this picture you can see an open door. Well, that door is actually a garage door. Back in the day someone ran their car into the building and instead of getting mad about it Mo just decided to make it a garage door that could be opened easily when the weather was nice.

While Jim and I had only planned on getting the chowder, Ian insisted on having steamed clams for his meal. So hear you have it, clam chowder and steamed clams. Honestly, we thought the chowder was ok, but once we added some of the steamed clam juice to it, it was great.

After leaving Newport we headed down Hwy 101 and made our way to Cape Perpetua, a place Jim had been before but insisted we see. I am so glad he did becasue it was absolutely beautiful. Here are my boys looking over at the Pacific ocean.

The trail we walked on was so lush. It was just awesome to walk through the misty grey clouds and big green vegetation.

Here are Ian and I down at the Devil's Churn area. We had the chance to explore tide pools, taste pacific ocean salt and watch the waves crash heartily into volcanic rock.

pacific ocean salt dried on the rock, love it

looking into the world of a tide pool

After we had our fill of Devil's Churn we headed over to the visitor's center. Ian and I walked around and did some activities and then we hiked out to the old Sitka Spruce, 500 years old, so awesome.

When we were done we got back in the car and headed further south. We just couldn't pass up the sea lion cave. Apparently this is the largest ocean cave in the country and the only sea lion rookery on land. It was amazinf to see all the sea lions in the cave, on the coast and swimming.

Our final dash to the beach before stopping for the night was at the Dunes. We couldn't help but get out and run down the huge sand hills. Ian loved it so much.

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