Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 16, Coos Bay to Klamath, CA

After a restful night in Coos Bay, it was back on the road to maintain our southward course. This day our destination was Redwood National Forest in northern California. Before we could get to far, we had to check out a place recommended by our friend Tony called Seven Devils. I was not so up for it at first because I really wanted to get on down the road, but after we got there, I was so glad that we did indeed stop.

This image is of an awesome creek flowing down out of the mountains and headed straight for the ocean. The water was cool and clear and fresh.

Here you can see the creek as it winds its way down the beach front only to be overtaken by the high tide.

the misty pacific

After our stop at Seven Devils we headed back down the road. It wasn't very long until my boys' bellies started rumbling which lead to a stop in Bandon for lunch. Giving over to my ocean grown tastebuds I thoroughly enjoyed these fresh raw oysters from Tony's Crabshack.

I was so in love with the drive down the coast. Having grown up in South Florida, my memories are full of the Atlantic ocean and coast. I had never spent much time near or on the Pacific excpet for in a few moments when I visited briefly. The whole drive was spectacular. The Pacific ocean coast in Oregon and N. Cali is breathtaking and beautiful. There are so many incredible rock formations, cool ways the clouds and mist play upon the ocean/land, sand dunes, tall trees, lava rock, sea lions, new birds, and even a different sea smell than I am used to.

Unfortunately, our plans to camp in the Redwoods were dashed when we arrived and all of the campgrounds were full. Trying to make the best of it we found a room at the Motel Trees, a sort of odd inn with Paul Bunyan across the road. What a strange juxtaposition to have a huge statue of Paul Bunyan right in the midst of the Redwoods. Wasn't he a logger that "tamed" the forest? Weird!

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