Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 18, Nevada City

I took this day to rejuvenate and relax and get myself grounded. Jim went on a grand tour of the San Juan Ridge community with our friend Daniel. He has such a beautiful place in the mountains. Ian and I walked around taking time to explore a woodpecker granary tree, some huge digger pine cones, native mortar rocks, and a very cool rope swing. Plus I did laundry and geeked out on the computer while Ian took his resting time.

That night we had dinner with some of Daniel's friends and then it was off to see a special, really great film called, "The Practice of the Wild." The film was a conversation between Gary Snyder and Jim harrison with small segments of their friends talking about them. It was wonderfully made, entertaining and thought provoking. Afterward Gary Snyder answered some audience questions and it was really something to just listen to him speak and respond to folks. So sharp minded at 80, totally with it and still aware.

even though it's hard to see him that's Gary Snyder on the stage below the movie screen

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