Tuesday, August 31, 2010

death valley by night, a favor granted

On the heels of our journey i wanted to share some thought in the form of a poem.

in the desert
death valley by night
a favor granted to me
the air smells
of rock and earth
big old truck
sends a wave of exhaust
it disrupts my breathing
110 degrees at 9pm
it's dark and the temperature is rising
this is outside my realm of experience
my wild side perks up
with head out the window
the dense heat
fills me with life
the sweat drips down
my spine
the stars bright
above this awesome
and terrible landscape
my boy, baking in the back seat
begging for ice
brings me back from the reverie
i feel the strength
and majesty of
this old place
ancient white stone
huge old beings
wish me a safe journey

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