Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 5, Sequoia National Park

I was so excited about this day. When I came out west a number of years ago it was in my theoretical plans to make it to Sequoia and to the Redwoods. However I didn't make it to either. So, needless to say I just couldn't wait to get into the park and be with these old, fantastic trees.

Here we are in front of the General Sherman, billed as the largest living thing on the planet. Let me tell you that these trees are so breath taking. I mean standing next to them, I was completely in awe.

If ever there was a tree that could make an amazing home, a sequoia would be it. After a burn there can be huse holes in them and yet they are still as sturdy as ever and alive. After they fall, it could be hundreds of years before they break down becasue the tannins are so strong that bacteria, fungus, and insects do not break them down easily. Also, they can be totally hollow inside and even tall enough when laying down for a 6'5" man to walk through without ducking.

We walked along the Alta trail starting from the General Sherman tree. It was a really nice, seemingly less traveled trail that meandered througha creek area and into a really beautiful rock shelf area. Also we saw some sort of ground animal as well as many kinds of flowers and trees.

Above you can see these way cool Native American Indian mortar holes. Maybe used to ground nuts.

I thought this root end looked a lot like a Greenman face, it was so cool!

Tree hugging along the Big Tree trail which we caught after we finished the Alta trail.

Camping out at the Lodgepole campground in Sequoia National Park. The campground was right near the Kaweah river adn the sound was simply amazing.

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