Friday, July 23, 2010

day 4, Kingman, AZ to Three Rivers, CA

Oh my oh my crossing the Mohave desert was something else. I guess I just had no idea how hot it actually was and what sorts of dangers could be awaiting your vehicle. Luckily we made it through unscathed and better for the ware.

We woke up on Kingman and headed out to our destination which was Sequoia and King's canyon national Park. I had never seen the giant sequoias before and was so excited to finally meet them. I didn't quite realize that our trip through the desert would mean temperatures of 116 for a good part of our day or an agricultural stop on the CA border.

Of course the desert really does have it's own beauty. I was blown away by the views of large craggy mountains, scattered lava rock, and the overwhelming heat. I was also shocked at the amount of cars we saw pulled over on the shoulder of the interstate for some reason or another. We took the day slow and steady and that even included a picnic in the desert under the shade of a tree. Also, it was really cool to see all of the wind farms and solar farms as we we were driving.

After a long hot day of driving we finally made it to the park at 8pm. Unfortunately they have a lot of road work going and were closing the road at 9pm with only one pass through at 11:30. So since we were totally beat we just popped quickly in to try and catch a glimps and then came back out to Three Rivers. We found a cute little lodge with a good price and spent the night looking forward to the next day when we could enter and commune with the trees.

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