Sunday, July 18, 2010

the Grand Canyon- or Day 3

So, we headed out of Flagstaff and made for the Grand Canyon. Our road took us through the Cococino National forest whcih was just in hte shadow of the San Francisco Peaks which are pictured below.

We found the pnderosa pine and scattered aspen forest so beautiful that we had to stop and walk around.

Finally we made it to our destination. We got there in the mid afternoon and so didn't have enough time to do a very long hike. But we took the time to walk along the South Rim trail from the lodge near the Bright Angel trail and out to Maricopa Point overlook.

I was (and so was ian for that matter) totally blown away by the spectacle that is the Grand Canyon.

On our way back to the lodge area we got caught in a quick, cold rain. The wind was whipping through the trees and creating a wide array of sounds. The rain itself was cold and stung my skin but I also felt invigorated from the energy of the storm.

After a little break and a bite to eat we decided to take a short hike down the Bright Angel trail. we only hiked for about 20 minutes but it was awesome. We were treated to a mountain goat sighting complete with mated pair and kids. In fact I was almost hit in the head by a falling rock that was set in motion by their movements.

When we got back up to the rim the moon was up and shining bright.

The last thing we saw before leaving the park was this male elk grazing right near the exit signs.

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