Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 10, Rehearsal dinner and girls' night

Saturday was a beautiful day in Bend. We started off the day by all (about 50 of us) gathering up at the Deschutes river with various and assundry flotation devices. Then enterred the awesome cold water and began a 2 hour float trip. So relaxing to just chill in the sunshine and feel the cool water whenever I wanted to.

After the float we went downtown and got some lunch at the Bend Brewing Company. The food was ok and the beer was tasty. I especially love the seasonal German Heifeweizen they had available.

Back at the house friends played together and talked about how much fun they had at the river.

Later we gathered for the rehaersal dinner which mostly included just hanging out and having a good time. There wasn't much rehearsal going on...simply a short discussion.

Anna wore one of my haircombs this night, a multicolored lotus style flower.
Bride and groom to be sharing a moment in the backyard full of folks.

After the dinner was over girls night started up and we had a greta time talking about Anna, writing down a recipe for a good marriage and generally laughing a lot.

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