Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 11, wedding day

Well, the day of the wedding finally arrived. After organizing lodging, dinners, a hike, a float trip, etc, I think both Anna and Michael were ready for all of the events to be over.

Michael came over early to pick up a truckload of stuff and take care of last minute business like fixing this sign.

Anna hid in the bedroom with her mom and sister while he was in the house. She just wanted to take it slow and easy.

Stacy arrived with the dress and we were all excited to finally see it in person.

I ended up not only making all fo the beaded flowers but also cutiing and arranging the flowers for all fo the tables. Luckily she has a lush and colorful garden.

Arriving at Aspen hall, the site of the wedding reception.

A pensive Anna takes in the place where the ceremony will take place in a just a few hours.

The family powows about the hall and set up making sure all is right.

I'm working on the table arrangements.

These nests were used for the rings as well as by the flower girls.

The flowers in her hair.

First dress viewing for all of us, excpet for her.

Pinning the boutineer.

the bouquet.

father and daughter

my dogwood headband

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Waugh

me and my boy

the Waughs drink to Frank's toast

Jay toasts the couple

a boy and his dad and a fishing pole

my boy breaks it down on the dancefloor

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