Friday, July 16, 2010

Moving in and Day 1, heading west

Well, about a week ago we moved into our new place. It was a long day of placing boxes and trying to be organized in the midst of chaos. At the end of the day we were all totally exhausted. Luckily we had brought a six pack with us from Hot Springs and were able to cool off and sip on a cold one before heading out to dinner. Here you can see Jim making sure he gets every advantage a cold beer has to offer.

Then after settling in a bit we packed up and headed off for our trip westward that will take us to Oregon and my friend Anna's wedding.

Yesterday we drove. It was a long drive and yet so awesome. The way the landscape changes from from dry prairie to gorgeous mesas is so awe inspiring. There really is something amazing about traversing the land. I can't imagine having done it with horses and covered wagon. It would be an adventure to really connect you to the land since you would constanlty have to be on the lookout for fresh water, good eating for the horses, and places where you might be safe for the night.

Anyway, our initial plan was to head to Santa Fe, but we were unable to find a place to stay so we headed onto Alburquerque. On our way through eastern New Mexico, we were greeted with beautiful mesas. On our left side there was a fantastic lightening storm all gray and ominous and yet on our right, the sun was shining bright under the billowing clouds. After a while the two came together to create the lovely rainbow you see pictured.

Awesome. Today on to Flagstaff.

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